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Mermaid auditions at the Disneyland Hotel

dreeeeaaammmm jobbbb *sobs in corner*




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Madurar es comprender que la única persona que tiene miedo a perderte, es tu mamá.


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Where are my lefties out there? Reblog this if you are left handed.


Yay, I tried that meme thing where you draw the same picture with all of your hands and feet- 
It’s amazing, I am left handed and my left foot also worked better than my right foot so this is a beautiful proof for the fact that it’s really about the brain and not only about practice.

(the cat is my favorite because in the first picture it looks surprised, in the second picture it looks concerned, in the third picture it’s very unhappy and in the last one it’s just super pissed.) 

Why I think Elsa is Left Handed.


I don’t know if other people have pointed this out but,.. Elsa almost always uses her left hand first, which is why I think she’s a leftie.

And now its even showing in OUAT

Not to mention most people think lefties are freaks of nature and odd (I would know, as a leftie people have told me this) 

None of these gifs are mine.